Twitter and SharePoint and a Purple Polka Dotted Twikini

I have been using twitter a little over the past few years. I remember getting an account because I thought it was going to be the next big thing. It took off and I forgot that I had an account. I then remembered, went out a started to tweet again. Using my Windows Mobile phone…


SharePoint – webparts

Check out the list and description of the great out of the box web parts that Ian Morrish has over at This is more of a “favorites” blog entry for me to remember. SharePoint – webparts


Trying to be sneaky and defrag a Virtual PC VHD using Win 7 mount VHD

Note to self: Sometimes, just because you can technically do it, does not mean that you should. Lesson Learned! I decided to save some time and defrag a Virtual PC VHD by mounting it in Windows 7. The mounting was easy, the defrag was easy as well. Started Virtual PC back up and it said…