Another one to remember when troubleshooting SharePoint pages. Allows you to get to the webparts on the page in a manner to see if one is crapping out the rest of the past. appending the ?contents=1 to your page url will open the

“Web Part Page Maintenance: default 
  Use this page to close Web Parts on your page, restore defaults to Web Parts, or delete Web Parts from your page. The following Web Parts are on your page. To modify the page, select one or more Web Parts and then select an action “

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  1. Chetan says:

    Just thought it would help if someone wanted to know how to open a closed webpart:

    ■Place the page into edit mode.

    ■Click Add a Web Part at the top of a Web Part Zone.

    ■In the lower right hand corner of Add Web Parts window, click on Advanced Web Part Gallery and options.

    ■In the top section of the Advanced Web Part Gallery, there is a link called Closed Web Parts. Click on this to display all of your closed Web Parts.

    ■To add them back to the page simply drag them back onto the page in your favorite Web Part Zone.

    Borrowed from John Ross' article,

  2. Bob Elander says:

    Thanks for sharing this bit of information.  Each day brings new learning opportunities.

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