People Picker Picked a Peck of Points

In another non-alliterated words, what it the flow of requests that occur with a user (EUC, not eunich) search with the People Picker Browse Display UI. I was about to try to build this from scratch to make sure that I was troubleshooting the correct boundaries on a recent problem, but, then, BING to the…


People-Picker Lunch-Time reading

I am spending my lunch time, sans-pickle, but with lots of good People-Picker goodness. I had to share the soon to be classics in the blogosphere links over at Full Metal Architect. I was digging into a lot of this prior to Binging a few additional things related to trusts, forests, domains, people-picker, browse, check…


ProcDump : SysInternals tool for generating crash dumps during spikage

  Another tool for your tool belt from SysInternals Mark Russinovich. Why would you need this in SharePoint land? Ever had a process spike and you would have liked to capture a memory dump for analysis and you just happened to miss the occurrence of the event? I have, and I know that a few…


Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog : Announcing SharePoint 2010 Technical Preview

Sneak a peek over at the site below for videos and more! 2010 Sneak Peek Home: 2010 Sneak Peek Overview Video: 2010 Sneak Peek IT Pro Video: 2010 Sneak Peek Developer Video: 2010 Sneak Peek Get Ready: 2010 Sneak Peek FAQ: Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog : Announcing SharePoint 2010…


What GUID is that Feature in the Window?

Check out Robert’s post at for a quick list of which GUID links to which feature within your MOSS Farm. In addition, StefanG has a tool on msdn ( which will list out the guid and feature that you have installed on your site collection. Very helpful!


Better Together : Adding a custom column to Site Settings

Over on “Better Together”, a new blog by a fellow Microsoftie Will Feaser, he shares a quick and easy to implement method of adding customized links to the Central Administration, Site Settings. All with brackets and short little ~ and others in your elements.xml file. Be forewarned, make sure you backup your environment and have…