LogParser and SharePoint (kinda like chocolate and peanut butter)


I came across a post on the IIS.net forums (http://forums.iis.net/p/1153101/1884922.aspx#1884922) that led to what looks to be a promising tool to add to your SharePoint toolbox.


From Gluegood Software

LogParser.WSS30 - I recently published a Logparser COM input plug-in for Sharepoint Lists.  This allows for Logparser queries against Sharepoint lists, document libraries and wikis.  e.g.

LogParser.exe -i:COM "select * From 'http://sharepoint.net/topsite/mysite/Lists/Change Control/AllItems.aspx'" -iProgId:Gluegood.LogParser.WSS30 -o:DataGrid


WSS30ListUpload - In addition I have written a tool to output Logparser results to Sharepoint using the output 'Template' (-o:TPL) features in Logparser.  This allows for Logparser queries to be executed and their results published to an existing Sharepoint list (task, calendar etc), document library, or wiki.  e.g.

LogParser.exe -i:EVT "Select Top 10 RecordNumber,'New' as [ID],EventLog,RecordNumber,TimeGenerated,TimeWritten,EventID,EventType into STDOUT from System" -tpl:c:\SharePointTemplate.tpl -stats:off | WSS30ListUpload.exe http://mysite/site/Lists/Test/AllItems.aspx




“You got your SharePoint in my LogParser, Hey you got your LogParser in my SharePoint!”



  • Great idea, bummed I didn’t get to it earlier or write it myself!
  • As with all software, better to review source code if you can first before running on your machines. If you can’t make sure you follow Safe Software Practices on your machines.
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