Limiting Your SharePoint Objects with PowerShell


Darrin Bishop has another post on using PowerShell (my not so new techno love flame, will, not Darrin but PowerShell) with SharePoint (my super-duper zealous techno love flame.)

As you will find, using PowerShell to return information from the SharePoint Object Model will give you more than want you thought you wanted. Sometimes this can be a great offering, other times, overwhelming. Darrin share’s some techniques on how to restrict/filter the information that you get back via Where-Object {  <Script Block> } and one of my favorite peak under the cover methods for objects, Get-Member. The cmdlet Get-Member will return all of the properties and methods of an object. This is very helpful in determining which one to play with.



  • GREAT! Thank you Darrin for another great post on using the goodness of PowerShell and SharePoint.
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