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As with most good things in life there are some limitations in maximum permissible size of items in Windows SharePoint Services and related items. The table below is from Harsh’s blog (SharePoint 2007 Maximum Limitations) and does an excellent summary of items you need to be aware of when deploying, developing and supporting Windows SharePoint Services technology toolset. There are some other limitations as well, however, time for the Kindergarten field trip and I will post on the others later.


Max permissible size
Site Name   
128 characters
Site URL         
255 characters
Display name
128 characters
Connection string
384 characters
Email address
128 characters
Version numbers
064 characters
Virtual Server Friendly Name
064 characters
SQL Database Name
123 characters
SQL Database Column
128 characters
SQL Database Table Name 128 characters
SQL Role Name 128 characters
Server Name 128 characters
Windows User Name 300 characters
Windows Password 300 characters
Dependencies per object 032 objects
Zone enumeration value 004 zones
Default SQL command timeout 300 seconds
Number of simultaneous
workflows that can be run



  • Good - Thank you Harsh for putting this together!
  • Good – Thank you to Bryan to pointing me in the right direction!
  • Not So Good - Hard coded limitations
  • Not So Good - Be careful
  • Not So Good – can be difficult to provide a work around
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