Silverlight for SharePoint Blueprint

The “Thinks”

I have heard this question a few times, “Isn’t this SilverLight just lipstick on the pig?”

Well, pigs lips or not (I think the not part), integration of Silverlight and SharePoint has a lot of potential for a richer and snazzier user experience. I have seen a few demos of Silverlight and have played around with it a little as well. Not once did I hear any pig noises or observe the odiferous emanations of said porcine excrement. I did experience a nice user interaction and I see where there are many opportunities for improved user interaction with SharePoint.

“Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.

By using Expression Studio and Visual Studio, designers and developers can collaborate more effectively using the skills they have today to light up the Web of tomorrow.”

There is a plug-in that needs to be downloaded for the browser, but it is worth it (my opinion!)

The “Links”

The “Clinks”

  • Yea! Silverlight
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