I Like IIS Logs, but, I don’t like Pecan logs (or yea! LogParser! Look what people are searching for)

I had to do a little ego-surfing (yeah, you know what it is! http://search.live.com/results.aspx?q=Logparser+SharePoint+Search+Tadd&src=IE-SearchBox ) to find an old LogParser Script that I wrote a while ago to parse out Search Query keywords from the SharePoint Search from IIS logs. I found it on my old blog that was kind of a mix and match from all over. Really, I found the text on Joel Oleson’s blog, but here it is to help anyone out there that may want to know what people are searching for.

Snippet from http://www.logparser.com/Repository.htm (It is no longer there :(  )

From Tadd E. Dawson:

Here is a little LogParser SQL that I found useful in determining what users were searching for on our Intranet use SPS 2003 Search.

I call it via a cmd file in the directory where the log files are. You can modify all you want. EXTRACT_VALUE is the goodness.

LogParser.exe -o:csv file:search.sql

Where search.sql:

TO_UPPERCASE(EXTRACT_VALUE(cs-uri-query, 'k')) AS SearchString,
EXTRACT_VALUE(cs-uri-query, 's') AS Scope, COUNT(*) AS HowMany
FROM *.log
TO search.csv
WHERE cs-uri-stem = '/search.aspx' AND cs-uri-query NOT LIKE
'%[Microsoft+Office+SharePoint+Portal+Server+2003+LOG]%' AND SearchString IS
GROUP BY SearchString, Scope

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