Tools from Microsoft IT around SharePoint Governance and Manageability

Codeplex, again! With downloads available to assist you in governing and managing your SharePoint implementation. These are tools that are developed and used by Microsoft IT on their farm of over 500 servers. Check the site at for numerous other tools and links. You will be glad you did.

WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007 Tools

    • Microsoft IT Site Delete Capture 1.0 - Simply captures sites that are deleted by end users and backs them up to disk using the event model. You have a recycle bin, but this is basically a site recycle bin (available only to administrators). (Works with WSS 3.0 and Office SharePoint Server 2007)
    • MS IT Usage Reporting Framework 2.0 - Simple reporting framework to gather usage and storage metrics on WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007 and works with multiple farms. Note the caveats with SQL read queries listed on the framework homepage (direct select statements against the database).
    • MS IT Toolbox - The SharePoint Toolbox is a set of MS IT tools starting with the copy timer for analyzing latency and it's impact on SharePoint uploads and downloads. Be sure to check this workspace for other tools.
    • TweakSP Central Admin Extensions TweakSP is a solution that extends SharePoint's Central Administration providing additional functionality. Examples content database storage size, hierarchy, and log viewer.

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