Poshoholic name already taken (a.k.a. PowerShell addiction)

I was listening to a .Net Rocks Podcast earlier this week and Kirk Munro of Poshoholic (Totally addicted to PowerShell) was on. I loved the name of his blog and had to share some of the goodies. I have been using PowerGui (http://www.powergui.org , free download!) as a learning, teaching, experimentation harness etc for PowerShell. PowerGui is an IDE and sort of a Management Console that you can easily extend, leverage, share when working with PowerShell. It comes with PowerPacks for Active Directory, Exchange 2007, Local System, Network, and Operations Manager 2007.  If you like eye candy goodness, check out PowerGadgets for some some how to and WOWS on graphical gadgetry being feed from PowerShell.

Here is a quick little PowerShell Script that I played with in PowerGUI to display the lists in the RootWeb for a given site. Yes, you can use STSADM and other items, but here it is in PowerShell. Everything is and object! (well kinda sorta). Locals that you can expand upon, Output.

Enjoy! And Dispose you shall.


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