SharePoint TLC

I am always looking for a good reason to use an alliteration or acronym, heck, why not both. The purpose of this blog is for me have a place to share findings with the SharePoint ecosystem from my travels and tribulations in SharePoint land.

What will I share?

  • Thinks
    • Thoughts, challenges, and findings related to SharePoint development, deployments, debugging, designing, and drama.
  • Links
    • Links to blogs and other resources that I find useful and I think they will be useful to the ecosystem.
  • Clinks
    • The Good
      • as in the sound of a crystal goblet being tapped for a toast.
      • Things that should be highlighted as best practices.
    • The Bad
      • as in dropping the goblet and cracking it.
      • Things that we really shouldn't do or you might crack your system.
    • The Ugly
      • as in dropping the goblet and smashing it.
      • Dang, this broke it. Things, that when done lead to dumps (both memory and people 😉

Who am I?

I am an Application Development Consultant with Developer Advisory Services in Premiere Services at Microsoft (Wow, ADC DAS MS PS, that's a mouthful, and not all of the acronyms). I have had the pleasure of working with SharePoint technologies for almost a decade, back when we called it STS and we liked it (say with the old man accent - still like it now!) I have the 4 MCTS SharePoint exams under my belt (when I wear one) and a Ph.D. to boot (OK, it is in Animal Science/Microbiology, MSU 94.)


How often will I update the blog?

  • Less than once an hour
  • More than once a month
  • It all depends on what I find, what impacts me, and what I am ALLOWED to share.
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