What’s new in T4 for Visual Studio 2013?

Visual Studio 2013 Preview has been out for a while now so I thought I should announce the new goodies in the product for T4 this time around. As the T4 engine is fairly mature now we focused on a couple of scenarios that have been blocked or tricky for customers. I’m sure you’ll agree…


What’s new with T4 in Visual Studio 11 Beta?

Our beta release has been available for a couple of weeks now, so I thought it was about time I updated folks on what’s new for T4. Everything below is in addition to the features and changes I noted in my previous post, What’s new with T4 in the Developer Preview of Visual Studio 11?…


Some nice new getting started with T4 videos

Kalle over at abstractiondev has a nice series of videos getting started with T4 and developing a rich set of metadata to drive systematic generation. http://abstractiondev.wordpress.com/demo-videos/ He’s also not afraid to promote his ideas with conviction, which is refreshing these days! Technorati Tags: T4,Videos

DevArt joins the T4 Template Editor Fray

  We’ve now got a third contender in the Visual Studio T4 Editor space.  The good folks over at DevArt have joined the race. From their press release: Devart today releases a new powerful Visual Studio add-in for editing T4 templates with syntax highlighting, intellisense, code outlining, and all features of first-class text editor add-in…


Pluralcast Podcast on T4

A few weeks ago, I recorded a podcast about T4, and how it’s being used inside and outside Microsoft with the estimable David Starr, who I happened to meet up with at the recent MVP Summit. You can check it out in the PluralSight Pluralcast blog. Enjoy. http://www.pluralsight-training.net/community/blogs/pluralcast/archive/2011/04/07/pluralcast-39-t4-with-gareth-jones.aspx Technorati Tags: T4,PluralCast,PodCast,VST4

T4 Samples

Hi, my name is Mårten; I am a part of the T4 team. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to T4. That event has transformed my way of thinking about programming more than anything else. Using T4, which is a code-generation tool, I have improved my productivity and the quality…