Xaml Generator – a New App for Office

A few years ago I build and shared the source code for a Word to Xaml Converter, a Word 2007 add-in that developers could use to convert Microsoft Office Word documents to Xaml for WPF and Silverlight applications.  Since it was originally published, the solution has been downloaded more than 3,000 times and I’ve received…


Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework Updated

We have just released an update to the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework to include the following new features: Support for Windows Phone 7 Support for the Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework 2.0 Support for Webtrends for Silverlight 4, WPF, and Windows Phone 7 Added support for Google Analytics for WPF and Windows Phone 7 Fixed numerous…


Word to XAML Converter Updated

I have just updated the Word to XAML Converter application to support Word 2010, WPF 4, and Silverlight 4.  You would use this converter if you have documentation or text in Word that you want to integrate into WPF or Silverlight applications. The Add-in is now surfaced in the Word 2010 Backstage View (The File…


Windows 7 Sensor Trigger for WPF Applications

One of the cool new features of Windows 7 is a sensor platform that unifies the way that Windows 7 applications work with sensors.  For .NET developers, we’ve released a Windows API Code Pack that makes it easy to create .NET applications that use the sensor platform.  The Sensor Platform supports biometric, electrical, environmental, light,…


New York Times WPF Kit

If you browse the source code for the New York Times Silverlight Kit, you’ll notice that there are two project that are not for Silverlight but for WPF applications.  It turns out that most of the code that will work in Silverlight will work in WPF applications as well so it took me about 20…


WPF for Line of Business Apps Free Training

My colleague Jaime Rodriguez asked me to tell you about this great opportunity for learning about building WPF Line-of-Business applications.  It’s a free two-day workshop held in Los Angeles, London, New York, Chicago, and Phoenix. Go to Jaime’s Blog to read about it and register today: http://blogs.msdn.com/jaimer/archive/2009/04/01/announcing-the-using-wpf-to-build-lob-applications-training-tour.aspx


Whitespace in XAML

I just ran into a problem with XAML (WPF and Silverlight) and wanted to share my solution with you.  In my Word to XAML converter application, I was noticing that sometimes extraneous spaces were being seen in Paragraph elements in WPF and TextBlock elements in Silverlight. The problem was caused because I formatted my XAML…


Updating Word to XAML Converter

I have done a bit of work lately on my Word 2007 to XAML converter application to give it a bit more functionality in the following areas: Table VML Graphics Correctly handling default styles and character styles Tables (WPF) I have implemented rudimentary conversion from Word 2007 tables to WPF <Table> elements.  This doesn’t contain…


Added Silverlight 2 Text to WordToXaml (formerly WordFlowDocumentCreator)

Last year I created and uploaded a demonstration project to Popfly that converted a Word 2007 Document to a WPF FlowDocument.  The best example of a FlowDocument can be seen in the New York Times Reader, an instance of Syndicated Client Starter Kit.  I used this demo to create an online version of a whitepaper…


Silverlight and WPF Workshop in NYC 9/3/2008

Next week I will be in New York City meeting customers and I will be holding a free half-day mini-workshop  at the Microsoft office on 6th Avenue to teach people about building Silverlight and WPF applications with Expression Studio and Visual Studio.  I’ve put together an ambitious agenda but I hope to hit each of…