Having Fun with the Neon API

One of the exciting things that got to do at South by Southwest last month in Austin was help with a hackathon where developers got to experiment with building new music apps and experiences.  As part of this hackathon, I helped a newly-independent artist, Neon Hitch release her own API in her own voice and…


APIs as Artistic Expression: the Neon API

Musicians take care to craft so many of the ways that they express themselves beyond the music that they release: their outfits, their videos, album covers, the typography used in the liner notes, the palette of the website, the mood of the images, the style of the logos, the tour busses, and most recently their…


South By Southwest Panel & Workshop Proposals

Today the Panel Picker for South by Southwest 2014 goes live.  For those of you who haven’t heard of South by Southwest (or SXSW), it is an annual music, film, and interactive conference in Austin, Texas in March.  In 2014 it will be March 7-16.  I have gone the past 5 years and have seen…


Vote for my SxSW 2009 Panels

If you have any interest in Expression Blend or how I made these journals, you should vote for the two panels that I’ve submitted for the South by Southwest (SxSW) 2009 interactive festival: Extreme Expression Blend for Silverlight Designers – as many of you know, I love to show people how to use Expression Blend…


Interviewed on Web2.0.TV

When I was at South by Southwest, I did lots of talking about Silverlight.  Here is an interview that I did for Web2Point0.TV about Silverlight: http://web2point0.tv/video.php?id=227


Billy Bragg Has a Point

I read Billy Bragg’s editorial in the New York Times about how musicians make money in the age of the Internet.  I first heard Billy Bragg twenty years ago perform live in Northampton, Massachusetts when I was a high school student attending Deerfield Academy and I’ve loved his music for years.  Coming back from South…


SxSW Over! Getting Ready to Leave Austin

I’ve just survived my first South by Southwest in Austin.  It was a great time – a bit long for me though – I was at the whole festival from March 7-16 (interactive, film, and music).  The highlight of the festival for me was yesterday, starting with attending a packed interview with Ice Cube and…


Widening Hip Hop’s Global Reach

Working with UVNTV.com, I’ve been increasingly exposed to Hip Hop music so I decided to attend a panel discussion at SxSW: Widening Hip Hop’s Global Reach.  Davey D from the Bay Area lead the panel – very interesting.  One of the big takeaways that I got from SxSW was that MySpace is a key tool…


Lou Reed Comments on Digital Media Quality

“It’s making it easier to make things worse.” Lou Reed just said this commenting on digital media quaility: MP3s and YouTube at the SxSW keynote. I think that our ability with Silverlight to create great HD-quality experiences can really fill a need within the music world.


Listening to Lou Reed Keynote at SxSW

Having been a fan of Lou Reed for years, I am now in a filled room listening to a keynote interview with him.  Very exciting.