Ben Waggoner Shares his Encoding Magic for 720p at 2Mbs

I just viewed this over a busy hotel wireless connection and I’m amazed: I still have so much to learn from Ben!  He’s hosting the video on our free Silverlight Streaming Services and encoding with the new Expression Encoder 2 beta.


CDN Publishing Possible from Expression Encoder

My colleague Tim Heuer, posted a great example of how you might extent Expression Encoder to encode and upload content to a Content Delivery Networks (CDN).  If you’ve used the Expression Encoder add-in for Silverlight Streaming, you’ve seen an example of this type of extension.  I could envision a plug-in that would use FTP to…


Encoding Formats for Silverlight Video

As you can see, I have been experimenting with posting video on my blog now that I have a HD Video Camera (JVC GZ-HD7U).  I have been trying various encoding formats in Expression Encoder to get a good balance of bit-rate and quality.  Here is my workflow: I shoot the video at 1080p I connect…


Understanding what OpenSocial Isn’t

After getting two similar questions from colleagues today about my first OpenSocial application, it struck me that the perceptions and reality of OpenSocial are a bit confused.  My colleague Dare Obasanjo describes it succinctly in five sentences (with a bit of great imagery).  OpenSocial is billed as a standardized widget platform for the Web, it…


Fixing Memory Leaks in Silverlight Code

I did something bad.  I put some sample code for a Silverlight application on my blog that ate memory at a rate of about 2 MB every three seconds.  As soon as I realized it, I fixed the application that I had posted to the Silverlight streaming service.  The problem that I encountered was that…


Matrix Falling Characters in Silverlight

Once you start working with a good design tool enough, it changes the way you think and see the world.  Learning to draw nude figures gave me an appreciation for drawing and  then seeing shade and shadow.    With demonstrating and using Microsoft Expression Blend with Silverlight, that has happened to me.  In my previous post,…


Picture-in-Picture Screencasts with Silverlight

In a post I just made, I wanted to show a picture-in-picture screencast of what I did with Groove and Virtual Earth.  I created a Silverlight application (that you can steal)with Expression Blend to host two parallel video streams in a picture-in-picture scenario.  Here is my workflow: Record a screencast with webcam video using Camtasia Studio….


Groove and Virtual Earth Screencast using Silverlight

I have recorded a screencast with Camtasia Studio that shows how I embedded a Virtual Earth control into a Groove Workspace.  If you want to see this in action, send me a message and I will invite you to the workspace.  I will make another post shortly on my workflow on getting the Camtasia screencast…


Updated Silverlight Applications to Release Candidate

For those of you have heard, a Release Candidate for Silverlight 1.0 was released yesterday.  I had written a few applications using the Silverlight 1.0 Beta and 1.1 Alpha.  Because of some breaking changes, I had to update those applications.  The process was fairly painless; here’s what I had to do: Update to the final Silverlight.js…