Created Virtual Earth Collections Block in Popfly

I like using the collections feature in Live Search Maps where I can keep collections of locations.  One of the activities that I wanted to do was share a collection on my blog as an embedded map.  Unfortunately this isn’t one of the out-of-the-box features of Live Search Maps, so I decided to use Popfly…


At the Bandwidth Conference

Today I spent the afternoon at the Bandwidth conference in San Francisco.  I met quite a few people in the very interesting intersection of music and technology.  One cool company that I learned about was, a site for finding Live Music.  I met Julie, Andy, and David from JamBase where they told me about…


Created Popfly Block for FeedBurner Awareness API

Since I created my first mashup with Popfly over a year ago, it has really come a long way.  Now it is really easy to create your own blocks and share your mashup creations.  For those of use who have blogs, the RSS feed is a way of life – it is a way to…


My Facebook Friends who are Also on Twitter

Lauren Cooney at IBM came up with this idea on her blog: What I’d like to see? An app that utilizes the Open APIs that Facebook and Twitter have so that I can figure out which of my 500 FB friends use Twitter. Anyone interested in building this for Web 2.0 Expo? If so, I’ll…


Popfly as a Platform

I have been showing off Popfly as a great example of a Silverlight 1.0 application but my colleague David Chou has gone even deeper with this post about Popfly as a Platform: Popfly provides an environment where people without a significant technical background can build stuff in, and hides the complexities in the underlying infrastructure….


Spock in Popfly

What is Spock? It’s a search engine for people you know on the Internet.  If you search for me, you’ll find this page.  If you search for “Spock” on Spock, you’ll find this page.  The cool thing is that Spock has a REST-based web service API.  Because I really like Popfly, I implemented the two…


Understanding what OpenSocial Isn’t

After getting two similar questions from colleagues today about my first OpenSocial application, it struck me that the perceptions and reality of OpenSocial are a bit confused.  My colleague Dare Obasanjo describes it succinctly in five sentences (with a bit of great imagery).  OpenSocial is billed as a standardized widget platform for the Web, it…


Having Fun with Popfly

I’m having a blast with Popfly, Microsoft’s Silverlight-based mash-up designers. I’ve created a block that uses AOL Video Search and made a simple page that shows the results of what it does.  I fell as if I’m just scratching the surface of something really cool!  The mashup below creates a bar graph that you can…


My First Popfly Mashup: Earthquakes!

I just sat through an earthquake; a bit shaking but nothing damaged; no one was hurt.  That gave me an idea: why don’t I show earthquakes on a Virtual Earth Map using Popfly, Microsoft’s new mashup service? Get Geo-RSS Data from the USGS Convert the RSS Items to Virtual Earth Pushpins Here are the Magnitude…


Posted SilverlightMap code to SkyDrive and Popfly

I’ve decided to share the source code for my SilverlightMap project that converts Mindjet MindManager maps to Silverlight application in two venues: Windows Live SkyDrive and Popfly. Windows Live SkyDrive Microsoft Popfly If you want to contribute and participate in the project you can try the new Popfly service.  Download the Popfly Explorer for Visual…