New York Times Silverlight Kit Updated

I just pushed out an update to the New York Times Silverlight Kit to make some minor fixes and keep up with the innovation that’s happening at the New York Times Developer Network.  See the release notes here.


New York Times Silverlight Kit version 1.0.7 Released

We have just released a new version of the New York Times Silverlight Kit, adding better documentation to the help file and new CLR objects for accessing the Campaign Finance APIs.  We’ve also updated the WPF Kit as well.  New Campaign Finance APIs Implemented in the kit: CandidateDetails CandidateSummaries DonorInformation StateZipTotals


Silverlight Kit Webinars

Today went well.  I delivered three LiveMeeting presentation on Silverlight Kits, Silverlight libraries that facilitate data access to web services, with minimal technical difficulties.  If you missed the live presentations, then you can catch the recordings.  In addition, I have just completed a whitepaper on Creating Silverlight Kits for Web 2.0 APIs. The MySpace Silverlight…


Virtual Event: Microsoft Silverlight Kits 6/9/2009

On June 9, 2009, I will be presenting a series of free web meetings about Silverlight Kits that I have been working on: 9:00 AM PDT: The MySpace Silverlight Kit 11:00 AM PDT: The New York Times Silverlight Kit 1:00 PM PDT: Building a Silverlight Kit for your Web 2.0 API All of the meetings…


New York Times WPF Kit

If you browse the source code for the New York Times Silverlight Kit, you’ll notice that there are two project that are not for Silverlight but for WPF applications.  It turns out that most of the code that will work in Silverlight will work in WPF applications as well so it took me about 20…


New York Times Silverlight Kit Now Open Source

We are excited to announce that the New York Times Silverlight Kit is now an Open Source project distributed under the MS-PL license.  There are some pretty cool techniques here that you might want to look at as you build your own Silverlight kits: How to work with APIs that return pages of data How…


The New York Times Silverlight Kit

Today we are excited to announce a new alliance with the New York Times around a new Silverlight Kit for the New York Times APIs.  The New York Times has made a number of services freely available to software developers as REST services at their Developer Network: Article Search Best Sellers Campaign Finance Community Congress…


My Artist Explorer Wins at the Circus Mashimus Mashup Contest!

I just heard that my entry into the Circus Mashimus contest was just selected as Best In Show winner.  My entry was about a week’s worth of effort (including a few long nights) using Expression Blend and Visual Studio.  In that week, I learned about the various APIs from Best Buy, New York Times, Billboard,…