The MySpace Developer Challenge and BizSpark

MySpace is putting some serious cash ($50,000) behind a new developer challenge announced on their developer website.  They are challenging developers to create the next great applications on the MySpace Developer Platform.  Of course, I’ve been experimenting with the platform with Silverlight (see the Silverlight Kit for MySpace) and I’m excited to see some new…


MySpace Qizmt, a .NET MapReduce Framework

When I went to MySpace to interview Erik and Akash about their usage of the CCR, I was also able to interview Mikhael Berlyant and Daniel Rule talking about Qizmt, their new open source .NET MapReduce framework. 


Robots at MySpace!

Got your attention? Not exactly robots, but software architects at MySpace have figured out a very cleaver use for the Coordination and Concurrency Runtime (CCR) that was originally released as part of the Robotic Developer Studio.  Take a look at this interview that I just did with Erik Nelson and Akash Patel at MySpace to…


Silverlight Kit Webinars

Today went well.  I delivered three LiveMeeting presentation on Silverlight Kits, Silverlight libraries that facilitate data access to web services, with minimal technical difficulties.  If you missed the live presentations, then you can catch the recordings.  In addition, I have just completed a whitepaper on Creating Silverlight Kits for Web 2.0 APIs. The MySpace Silverlight…


Virtual Event: Microsoft Silverlight Kits 6/9/2009

On June 9, 2009, I will be presenting a series of free web meetings about Silverlight Kits that I have been working on: 9:00 AM PDT: The MySpace Silverlight Kit 11:00 AM PDT: The New York Times Silverlight Kit 1:00 PM PDT: Building a Silverlight Kit for your Web 2.0 API All of the meetings…


Meet Me at the MySpace SF devJam 5/26/2009

Next month I’ll be going to the MySpace San Francisco devJam, a free all-day event at the MySpace San Francisco headquarters.  I’ll be there learning more about the MySpace Developer Platform and hopefully I’ll see you there too.  Our commitment with the Silverlight Kit for MySpace is to keep it up with the developments of…


Viewstream’s Silverlight Gets Social Event (5/14 in San Francisco)

Viewstream, a Microsoft Silverlight partner is hosting an event in San Francisco on Thursday, May 14th and asked me to talk briefly about my work with the Silverlight Kit for MySpace and what interesting synergies that the combination of Silverlight and Social Media can spark.  I hope to see you there. Here are the details:…


Creating Activities with the Silverlight Kit for MySpace

We’ve just checked in code on the Silverlight Kit for MySpace that enables Silverlight applications to take advantage of the Activities framework and templates in MySpace Developer Platform. This will enable your Silverlight application on MySpace to add events to the viewer’s activity stream.  To see details on this, take a look at this page…


Silverlight for MySpace on Channel 9

Laura Foy from Channel 9 sent me a few questions last week about Silverlight on MySpace.  Watch here for my answers:


Silverlight Kit for MySpace is Live on CodePlex!

The session at Web 2.0 expo went well.  Before I retire for the night I wanted to post a link to the Silverlight Kit for MySpace on CodePlex. I’ll write more about it and would love to hear any feedback that you have about the kit.