Secure Geo-collaboration Session at Microsoft Office Developer Conference Feb 10-13 in San Jose, CA

If you are developing applications inside of Microsoft Office or developing applications that work with Microsoft Office, then you’ve got to go to the upcoming Office Developer Conference in San Jose next month.  I’ve been asked to demonstrate and talk about the Groove/Virtual Earth integration that I built in a few days over the summer…


Updated Groove Workspace with Virtual Earth 6

Virtual Earth has just been updated to Version 6 with a much cooler user interface.  I downloaded the latest JavaScript from, updated the script file in the workspace, and this is what I got:  If you have added the Geo-Collaboration tool to your workspace and you want to to use Virtual Earth 6: Edit…


Upcoming Webinar on Virtual Earth in Groove

One of the synergies that generated the most interest was one where I demonstrated Virtual Earth running inside of Groove.   Because of this interest, I have updated the demonstration to be able to track not only pushpins, but paths and regions as well.  Tomorrow (September 7, 2007) at 11:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT-8), I will…


Groove and Virtual Earth Screencast using Silverlight

I have recorded a screencast with Camtasia Studio that shows how I embedded a Virtual Earth control into a Groove Workspace.  If you want to see this in action, send me a message and I will invite you to the workspace.  I will make another post shortly on my workflow on getting the Camtasia screencast…


Storing Virtual Earth Pushpins in a Groove Space

Following up on my post about putting Virtual Earth in a Groove space, I was able to save and load lists of pushpins that are in the Groove Space as well.  I have written some simple XML serialization of a Virtual Earth Shape Layer into a hidden data field in a Groove workspace.  Send me…


Using Silverlight in a Groove Space

A few months ago, I create a Microsoft Office Groove 2007 to share the source code for my SilverlightMap project: code to transform a Mindjet MindManager Map into a Silverlight Streaming Application hosted on  For those of you who don’t know Groove is Microsoft’s Peer-to-Peer workspace solution.  I find it very useful for putting…


New Groove Workspace for Silverlight Map Project

I have just setup a Groove Workspace for the Silverlight Map demo that I have been working on.  If you want to participate and help grow the demo, please send me a message and I’ll invite you to the space.