Scrubbing with Thumbnails with the SMF Player

One of the developers from one of my media customers asked me how they would implement the thumbnail preview while scrubbing in a Silverlight video player.  He was turned onto the idea from seeing that feature in the Netflix Watch Instantly Silverlight player.  I thought that would be something that others could use, so I…


Silverlight, Video, and SketchFlow at MGFest in Austin Next Week

Next week I will be teaching two full-day workshops at the Motion Graphics Festival in Austin, Texas.  If you want to learn about Silverlight and Video Distribution and Encoding, then register for the Motion Graphics Festival today. Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight (May 12) Video Distribution and Encoding for Silverlight (May 13) Dynamic Prototyping with SketchFlow…


Deep Discounts on Microsoft Expression until January 31

When I joined Microsoft, I was a Visual Studio user having spent my career developing, designing, and crafting software.  I could build a Windows forms application very quickly – and it had a beautiful gray background with buttons arranged in a boring grid layout.  Then, as I started working with Microsoft Expression Blend and Expression…


Ben Waggoner Shares his Encoding Magic for 720p at 2Mbs

I just viewed this over a busy hotel wireless connection and I’m amazed: I still have so much to learn from Ben!  He’s hosting the video on our free Silverlight Streaming Services and encoding with the new Expression Encoder 2 beta.


50 Years of LEGO

If anyone went to the Google home page today (I’m sure there were a few) they would have found the Google banner commemorating 50 years of the LEGO block. LEGO blocks were my favorite toy as a child; I spent hours building, rebuilding, designing, creating, dreaming.  Then, when I got a bit older, I started…


Webinar Recording Posted: Creating a Windows Workflow Activity for Expression Encoder

A recording of today’s webinar on creating a Windows Workflow activity for Expression Encoder has just been posted.  You can find it along with other recordings of past webinars here. If you like the look of this Workflow, it’s because I created a Custom Theme (it was styled after the coloring of Expression Encoder) that…


Upcoming Webinar: Creating a Windows Workflow Activity for Expression Encoder

If you have been using Microsoft Expression Encoder to create Silverlight video applications, you might have heard that it had a command-line interface for automation.  I took this interface and wrapped it in a Windows Workflow Activity so you can easily automate Expression Encoder in your media workflow.  I have posted the source code on…


CDN Publishing Possible from Expression Encoder

My colleague Tim Heuer, posted a great example of how you might extent Expression Encoder to encode and upload content to a Content Delivery Networks (CDN).  If you’ve used the Expression Encoder add-in for Silverlight Streaming, you’ve seen an example of this type of extension.  I could envision a plug-in that would use FTP to…


Webcast Recording Posted: Encoding Q&A with Ben Waggoner

If you were able to attend the Q&A session with Microsoft resident encoding expert Ben Waggoner, you would have seen 31 attendees peppering Ben with questions for just over an hour.  If you missed it, you can view a recording here.  Recordings of all of my past Webcasts, are listed here. I think that the…


Adding "Press Play" to a Silverlight Media Player

I just added an animated “Press Play” graphic to the Silverlight Media Player created with Expression Encoder.  I created the graphic (with animation) as a separate XAML file so it can be easily reused.  To see it in action, see this blog post.  Feel free to use the PressPlay.xaml in your Silverlight media players; just…