Dungeons and Dragons

I have Zune Pass – and I love it.  I just found a song that made me smile.  With the Zune Pass, I can select an artist and have it download an entire playlist of music from the Zune Marketplace that is related to that artist.  The features, called Smart DJ creates a playlist refreshes…


Your Digital Lifestyle: Girl from Mars

Last year I saw this video at a Microsoft event.  I think you’ll get a kick out of it.  The band is Magneta Lane (MySpace, FaceBook, Zune.net) doing a cover of Girl from Mars. Your Digital Lifestyle: Girl from Mars Video: Your Digital Lifestyle: Girl from Mars


Mix Lanyard for Zune 8GB

Last week I was in Las Vegas for Microsoft’s annual Mix conference, where, like all conferences, you get a badge and some sort of clip or lanyard.  The Mix team was very smart in making a dual-use lanyard that you could use to hang a Zune 8GB from once the conference is over.  After Mix,…


Creating a Video Podcast for the Zune Marketplace

I love keeping journals.  Until recently it has been a totally analog media (I’ve added photos from my digital camera and Epson PictureMate printer).  I have used watercolor, collage, writing, sketching to fill up journals over the past 16 years and have always wanted to find better ways to share my techniques and collection of…


I Love the Podcast Subscription Feature of the Zune

Last year, when I interviewed for the job I have now at Microsoft, I had an initial tech screening with my now-colleague Architect Evangelist, Jit Ghosh.  After answering all of his questions, he asked if I had any questions for him and I did.  This was just after the first wave of Zunes came out…


What I Have in Common with Ice Cube

I have been browsing through the Zune desktop software that I installed with my new Zune that I wanted to know more about an artist that I met recently.  Here’s what I found after typing in his name in the Zune Marketplace: I listened to some clips from Ice Cube’s most recent album, Laugh Now,…


Just Won a Zune!

I just won a Green 8GB Zune!  There was an internal contest at Microsoft and one of the prizes was a Zune.  It’s very cool!  I’ve created a profile on the Zune Social network; my tag is MS Synergist.  I’ve configured my profile so that anyone can see what I’m listening to. I got turned…