How IE8 Enables Silverlight Deep Linking and Browser Back/Forward Navigation

One of new features in the next version of Internet Explorer (IE8) was created specifically for AJAX applications and can add significant functionality to Silverlight applications as well.  Here is the description of the feature (from Better AJAX Development): In IE8 mode, Internet Explorer treats window.location.hash updates like navigations and saves the previous document URL….


Ticking in Silverlight Clock + Source Code

A few people have asked how I got the second hand to tick in the Silverlight timepiece that I build; looking at the animation XAML that I posted, you would think that the the second hand would have a smooth movement and you would be right.  I actually had a little code that converted the…


Published Media Overlay Designer Source Code to MSDN Code Gallery

Earlier this year, I created a demo that showed how to synchronized video and animation in Silverlight and put it on my $2.95/month hosted dev server.  At the Mix in March, I actually demonstrated it in the Silverlight and Advertising session.  Watch the recording below – my demo starts at 59:49. My plans are to…