My Favorite New Features of Windows Phone 7 Mango

A few days ago I got a notice over my phone that an update was ready to be installed and I should connect it to my computer.  Mango had arrived for my Dell Venue Pro on T-Mobile’s network.  I connected my phone to my computer and proceeded to update the phone.  A few minutes later it was ready.  Now after using it for a few days, I am really happy with so many of the new features.  I’d like to share my favorites with you:

  1. Turn-by-turn audible directions on Bing maps
  2. Podcasts are now in the Marketplace and you can now subscribe to them
  3. Visual Voice Mail – I had to enable/disable/enable this on the T-Mobile account website but finally it is working
  4. Quick App Switching/Multitasking
  5. Easy check-in to locations
  6. Integrated Messenger/SMS/Facebook Chat
  7. Twitter & LinkedIn integration
  8. Ability to open and Share Office documents on SkyDrive
  9. Pinning a playlist to my home screen
  10. Pinning an Outlook folder to my home screen
  11. Groups in the People hub (and pinning groups)
  12. Auto-Fix for photos
  13. Upload videos from the phone to Facebook
  14. New HTML5 IE9

What are your favorite Windows Phone 7 Mango features?

Comments (2)

  1. msftwise says:

    The "Slide-down" when you power it off now is very cool.

    While the Zune integration is much better I still would like to see something as feature rich as the Zedge app is on Android, very quick and easy to add sounds to any alarm, event, etc.

  2. Michael says:

    I like the new way of browsing Xbox live.  It is easier to follow now, and the navigation is easier.  Also, I like being able to input web addresses while the phone is horizontal.  Makes for a better web experience.

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