Silverlytics: Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework + Windows Azure + Live Labs Pivot

clip_image001Since we announced the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework last month, we’ve been getting interest from all over the globe.  One segment of interest has been coming from the Service Oriented Analytics behavior that comes with the framework.  This behavior could be used to send analytics data to any arbitrary endpoint using HTTP GET or POST messages.  We have had interest from large internet e-commerce companies that do their own analytics to companies who want to track internal line-of-business applications.  In addition to those scenarios, we’re excited to share a very cool example of a new scenario that is using the Windows Azure Platform to launch a new analytics service demonstration, Silverlytics (Silverlight + Analytics).

Built by Location3 Media an interactive marketing company, Silverlytics is a multitenant Windows Azure-based analytics service that uses Microsoft Live Labs Pivot for its data visualization.  All of its data is collected from Service Oriented Analytics behaviors in Silverlight applications.  I’ve been using it to track anonymous usage data from the SketchFlow Presentation that I used in my presentation at Mix about the framework. 

The Windows Azure platform is perfect for web analytics because of its scalability and global reach while Pivot provides a very cool way to slice, dice, and understand the data.  Location3 Media is the company behind this and is looking for people who are interested in beta testing the service.  Go to the site to learn more and try it out.

The most exciting aspect of this for me is that the Pivot control will be available for Silverlight this summerso any website could use Pivot in their Silverlight application.  To see the potential of Pivot, take a look at Gary Flake’s TED talk from earlier this year.

We will be demonstrating the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework at NAB next week at the Microsoft Pavilion (SL220).  If you’re interested in any of these technologies, Silverlight, the analytics framework, Azure, or Pivot, make sure you stop by and look for me.

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