Omniture AppMeasurement will be in the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework

imageAs you may have noticed from today’s press release, Omniture, an Adobe company, is now one of the analytics vendors that will be in the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework

Microsoft also announced partner support for Silverlight Analytics Framework, a framework for integrating business intelligence analytics into Silverlight applications. A growing list of partners includes AT Internet; comScore Inc.; Conviva; Eqatec Analytics; GlanceGuide Inc.; Google Analytics; Location3 Media Inc.; Nedstat; The Nielsen Company; Omniture, an Adobe company; PreEmptive Solutions LLC; Quantcast Corp.; Telerik; Unica Corp.; and Webtrends Inc.

There are even more companies that we have been working that weren’t mentioned in the press release:

Anvato ioko Visible Measures
Castup Lytiks  
ComponentOne Skytide  

The Omniture component is not complete yet – it will be available to download from the Omniture developer site when it’s ready.  We are working with Omniture to come up with an easy way to configure Custom Conversion Variables (eVars) and Custom Traffic Variables (s.props) in Blend.  If you are an Omniture customer, we’d love to understand how you are using eVars and s.props.  Please add comments to this Work Item to describe how you are using eVars and s.props in your current Omniture web tracking implementation so we get it right the first time.

Comments (3)

  1. DarthObiwan says:

    I’m really looking forward to this :).

  2. Guyza says:

    Hi Micheal,

                       I have been stuffing around for a day trying to get Omniture working with MSAF and still no luck. Do you have any example code or blogs you could point me to. Resources regarding this seem to be non existent. Maybe it never got off the ground?



  3. Website Designer says:

    You can download Free eBook about MSAF at

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