New York Times Silverlight Kit Updated for Windows Phone 7 Series

I spent a little time adapting the New York Times Silverlight Kit this weekend to work on the Windows Phone 7 Series and created my first Silverlight application for the Windows Phone 7 Series.

It was actually very easy – I just had to add a few #if statements to the code to create the kit which is now available on the CodePlex site.

Here are some screen shots from the emulator of the sample application that is in the source code.  You will need to edit the App.xaml and add an application key from the New York Times Developer Network.

Main View Detail View

Browser Link Options

Here is the design experience in Visual Studio 2010:


And in Expression Blend 4 Beta:

You can see both is Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4 Beta the design-time data support.  In this case I had created a sample data assembly which if included in the XAP, it would be used.

You’ve heard it before – now all .NET and Silverlight developers are also Windows Phone developers – this is big.

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