Dungeons and Dragons

image I have Zune Pass – and I love it.  I just found a song that made me smile.  With the Zune Pass, I can select an artist and have it download an entire playlist of music from the Zune Marketplace that is related to that artist.  The features, called Smart DJ creates a playlist refreshes every five days.  The Zune Pass is how I discover music.  I picked an artist that I like, Jens Lekman, and created a Smart DJ playlist.  I’ve found great groups like David & the Citizens and Suburban Kids with Biblical Names

A song appeared on that list this week, Dungeons and Dragons by Montt Mardié.  If anyone else grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons and loved Star Wars like me, I’m sure that the lyrics to this song will elicit the same reaction – a smile.  This was one of my 10 free downloads this month with my Zune Pass.

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