Updated SMF Thumbnail Scrubbing Sample Code

I just posted an update to the code I wrote almost a year ago for showing thumbnail images of a video while scrubbing (moving the play slider) in Silverlight.  This is similar to the experience that you get when scrubbing on Netflix Watch Instantly with Silverlight.  Here is what I’ve done: I updated the code…


Silverlight Designer/Developer Job in Orange County, CA

This person will be the pivotal person in the development and design of the “new” GUI. The current environment is PowerBuilder and they are asking this person to be the go to person for the new web based application. They require a strong coder in .NET, C# and MUST have strong Silverlight GUI design experience….


Silverlight Engineer/Architect Jobs at Netflix

I have just heard that Netflix has two job openings for Silverlight Architect/Engineers in Los Gatos, California.  As a Netflix subscriber, I use the Silverlight-based Watch Instantly feature on my computer and on my Windows Phone 7 device.  What I’ve really liked is the ability to pick up watching a movie on the phone where…


Dotfuscator for Windows Phone Released

One of the great partners that I have worked with on the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework (MSAF) has been PreEmptive Solutions.  For Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is partnering with PreEmptive to provide application reporting for phone application with their Runtime Intelligence for Windows Phone.  Because of the overlap in functionality between the Runtime Intelligence for Windows…


Adding Windows Phone Capability Detection to your Build Process

There is a new Capability Detection tool in the Windows Phone Developer Tools October update that you can run to determine the capabilities of a DLL or Xap files.  Here is a post build step that I added to a WP7 project to list the capabilities that are explicitly needed for an application: set CAPDETECT=%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft…


Windows Phone 7 at the Sprint Developer Conference

Tomorrow, October 26, 2010, I will be at the Sprint Developer Conference in Santa Clara, California, where I will be giving a talk about Windows Phone 7 and running a coding session on developing Silverlight applications for Windows Phone 7.  We are very excited to be partnering with Sprint to deliver some great Windows Phone…


Download Progress Bar for Silverlight Media Framework Player

One of my customers has been using the Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework player for their Business-to-Business media sharing portal and wanted to add a download progress bar behind the scrub bar.  I was able to show them how to do this with a combination of template binding, re-templating the SMFPlayer and Timeline classes and subclassing…


Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework 1.4.7 Released

This weekend, in preparation for today’s Windows Phone 7 launch, we released, the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework 1.4.7.  We fixed a few bugs and added tracking for the Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework 2.2 now available for both Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. Thank you to the community of partners, developers, and designers who are using…


San Francisco Silverlight User Group 10/14 Meeting: Windows Phone 7 Design & Development

What San Francisco Silverlight User Group Meeting When Thursday 10/14/2010 7:00 PM Where Golden Gate North Conference Room Microsoft Corporation 835 Market Street Suite 700 San Francisco, CA 94930 Who Navin Prasad, Netflix: Designing for Windows Phone 7 Mat Trunnell, Netflix: Tips for Successfully Developing on Windows Phone 7 Why You want to learn more…


Adding A Dynamic JumpList to My Site’s Pinned Application in IE9

Earlier this week, I explained how you could easily add an Internet Explorer 9 pinned site mode to your website so that your site behaves like a first-class application when running on Windows Vista or Windows 7.  I also explained how you might use a Google Analytics service to track when the your site is…