Silverlight Kit Webinars

Today went well.  I delivered three LiveMeeting presentation on Silverlight Kits, Silverlight libraries that facilitate data access to web services, with minimal technical difficulties.  If you missed the live presentations, then you can catch the recordings.  In addition, I have just completed a whitepaper on Creating Silverlight Kits for Web 2.0 APIs.

The MySpace Silverlight Kit View Recording CodePlex project
The New York Times Silverlight Kit View Recording CodePlex project
Building Silverlight Kits for Web 2.0 APIs View Recording Whitepaper

6/10/2009 – Updated: I forgot to mention that Clay Loveless from Mashery joined me for the Building Silverlight Kits webinar and explained how their company helps with the deployment and management of public-facing APIs.  Thanks, Clay!

Also, Keith from Best Buy asked about any Silverlight Plug-ins for WordPress and I said that I’d send a link to it (created by my colleague Tim Heuer). 

And lastly, as building composite sites with Silverlight and various web technologies like PHP and is important, here is a link to the Microsoft Web Platform.

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