New York Times Silverlight Kit Now Open Source

We are excited to announce that the New York Times Silverlight Kit is now an Open Source project distributed under the MS-PL license.  There are some pretty cool techniques here that you might want to look at as you build your own Silverlight kits:

  • How to work with APIs that return pages of data
  • How to work with APIs that have QPS (queries-per-second) limits
  • How to make APIs that expose sample data
  • How to write unit tests for CLR class in Silverlight
  • How to use custom attached properties to add functionality to classes
  • How to make your CLR classes easy to use by designers in Expression Blend
  • How to define the default namespaces used in Blend with CLR objects
  • How to write and use Value Converters

We hope you can use this kit to build some great applications and also use it to learn best practices for building Silverlight components.

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  1. In this Issue: Modesty Zhang ( 2 ), Marek Latuskiewicz , Junnark Vicencio , Brian Mains , Rishi , Koen

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