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Alex with our dog CharmIn the meantime, I’ve been working with my son Alex (age 6)  who wanted to build his own website – Skateboarding Penguins. I’ve been helping him design it in Expression Blend 3 with SketchFlow.  Having never designed a website before, SketchFlow makes perfect sense to him. 

Since it’s all about penguins, we started out with a Penguin Silverlight User Control that we created in Blend for inclusion in all of the pages of the applicaiton: Alex's Penguin GraphicThen we went about creating the various pages of the site and linking them together.  As the design director, he pointed and directed while I manned the keyboard and mouse.

In this page, he wanted to create a race game.  He sat with me and drew out the shape that he wanted me to make for the racetrack.  He also wanted to make sure that there was navigation from each page to each other.  Once we would do some work, we would try it out in the SketchFlow player and iterate on the process until we get it right.  He thinks this is pretty neat.  I don’t think he has any idea about how neat it actually is.

Race and Don't Hit It!

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  1. Ng says:

    Sketchflow looks ulra cool. Is Sketchflow available in blend 3 preview? if so how do you activate/use it?


  2. Synergist says:


    Sketchflow is not yet available but should be soon.


  3. What is SketchFlow? SketchFlow, new in Expression Blend 3, provides built-in ‘sketch’ styled controls

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