My First Silverlight 2 Application on MySpace

If you go to my profile page on MySpace today, you’ll see a Silverlight application that I built to demonstrate some of the features of the Silverlight Kit for MySpace that we will release on Thursday.  In this demo, I’ve mashed up some services (New York Times Articles and the Best Buy Store Locator) with profile and friend information about the owner and the viewer of the page. image

The Best Buy tab uses the new Virtual Earth Control for Silverlight as a Zip Code locator keying on the Viewer’s zip code (if their permissions allow that on MySpace).  If you want to put the app on your MySpace profile, search for “Silverlight” in the MySpace Apps gallery and add this app.


Look for me at the Web 2.0 Expo (on the tradeshow floor) and in this session at the conference to learn all about the the Silverlight Kit for MySpace that I used to create this app (along with a Best Buy Kit and a New York Times kit).

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