Silverlight for the MySpace Developer Platform

Now you can build Silverlight applications for the MySpace Developer Platform!  I have been working with MySpace for months on this initiative and now we have some exciting results:

  1. MySpace has just announced support for Silverlight on MySpace’s Open Platform.  Take a look at their new page about Silverlight support.
  2. On Thursday, April 2, MySpace and Microsoft will jointly release a kit on the CodePlex Open Source site (with the MS-PL License) that will make it easy for developers using Visual Studio and designers using Expression Blend to create Silverlight applications on MySpace’s OpenSocial-based developer platform.
  3. Along with Max Newbould, Development Manager for OpenSocial on MySpace, I will be giving a presentation at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco on Thursday, April 2 at 1:30 PM on this Silverlight Kit for MySpace.  The kit should be available on CodePlex at the conclusion of the session.

As the MySpace Developer Platform grows and evolves, we want to keep Silverlight as a relevant option for designers and developers who want to create engaging, interactive application for MySpace users.  Working with developers at MySpace we’ve created a kit that would let designers with Expression Blend use data binding in Silverlight to connect to the data provided by the MySpace Developer Platform.  We’ve even added design-time and offline sample data to the kit to aid in development.

In this example below, I’m data binding the MySpace page owner’s friends to a ListBox and using a data template for each item returned:


And the XAML for this simple application is this (no code has been added to the application):

  • Key elements to look for are the <MyOpenSpace:MySpacePeopleRequest in the UserControl.Resources, the ListBox.ItemsSource, and the PeopleTemplate DataTemplate.
<UserControl x:Class="Test_Silverlight_Kit_for_MySpace.Page"
    Width="400" Height="300">
        <MyOpenSpace:MySpacePeopleRequest x:Key="OwnerFriends" 
            IdSpec="opensocial.IdSpec.PersonId.OWNER" />
        <DataTemplate x:Key="PersonTemplate">
            <Border ToolTipService.ToolTip="{Binding Path=Status}" Height="Auto" Width="Auto" 
Padding="4,4,4,4" CornerRadius="4,4,4,4" BorderBrush="#FF000000" BorderThickness="0,0,2,2"> <Border.Background> <LinearGradientBrush EndPoint="0.5,1" StartPoint="0.5,0"> <GradientStop Color="#FFFFFFFF" Offset="0"/> <GradientStop Color="#FF007EE8" Offset="1"/> </LinearGradientBrush> </Border.Background> <Grid Height="Auto" Width="Auto"> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/> <RowDefinition Height="Auto"/> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <Image Source="{Binding Mode=OneWay, Path=ThumbnailImage}" Width="100" Height="100" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Margin="2.5,2.5,2.5,2.5"/> <HyperlinkButton TargetName="_blank" NavigateUri="{Binding Path=ProfileUrl}" Grid.Row="1" HorizontalContentAlignment="Stretch" VerticalContentAlignment="Stretch" Padding="0,0,0,0"> <TextBlock Foreground="#FFFFFFFF" Text="{Binding Path=Nickname}" TextWrapping="Wrap" FontFamily="Trebuchet MS" FontSize="10" Height="Auto" Width="Auto" TextAlignment="Center"/> </HyperlinkButton> </Grid> </Border> </DataTemplate> </UserControl.Resources> <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <ListBox ItemTemplate="{StaticResource PersonTemplate}" ItemsSource="{Binding People, Source={StaticResource OwnerFriends}}"/> </Grid> </UserControl>

I can’t wait to see what cool applications people build with this kit.  Watch (or subscribe) this blog for more news.

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  1. If you’re developing applications for Social Networking sites such as MySpace, you’re in for a real good

  2. Otro más con soporte para Silverlight. En este caso lo que han hecho es habilitar el uso de Silverlight

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  4. Jag har under veckan tittat på en del av materialet från Mix09 och helt enkelt inte kunnat hålla mig

  5. A partir de maintenant il sera possible de développer des applications riches pour les utilisateurs de

  6. SocialITy says:

    Jak donosi Michael Scherotter : MySpace -&#160; portal, który od dawna jest blisko naszych technologii,

  7. Big news from Michael Scherotter that you can now build Silverlight applications for the MySpace Developer

  8. No właśnie. Od razu źródła do informacji, która już jest w prasie:

  9. Zunanji viri says:

    For all of you Silverlight developers there are some good news: now you can actually build your Silverlight

  10. For MySpace users, it’s a great day to be able to develop and use our Silverlight technology It will

  11. Exciting announcement from Michael’s blog about MySpace and Silverlight. “Now you can build Silverlight

  12. MySpace has announced support for Windows Mobile and Silverlight. The MySpace application for Windows

  13. Today MySpace announced support for Silverlight on their Open Platform. Yes, you can start leveraging

  14. MySpace a anunțat suport pentru Silverlight și implicit .NET pentru platforma OpenSocial. Vom lansa cât

  15. .csharpcode, .csharpcode pre { font-size: small; color: black; font-family: consolas, "Courier New",

  16. The Wave says:

    Hola a todos… Con el objetivo de seguir acercando al mundo de las redes sociales con las nuevas tendencias

  17. Recientemente MySpace anunció soporte para aplicaciones Silverlight en su MySpace Open Platform y en

  18. Zoasterboy says:

    "we want to keep Silverlight as a relevant option"

    It is not relevant to me as a developer as my OS is not supported. Until Silverlight is cross compatible I won’t be supporting it on Myspace.

  19. Synergist says:


    What OS is that?

    For Microsoft, cross-platform compatability is one of the important aspects of Silverlight.  That’s why we’re supporting Windows and Mac, working with Novell to support Linux, and working with Nokia to support Mobile – along with our own Windows Mobile.


  20. MySpace ha anunciado soporte para aplicaciones Silverlight en su MySpace Open Platform , y ya se puede

  21. Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from DotNetShoutout

  22. Clave says:


    I would like to know what are the procedure(steps) to develop a SilverLight application (may be using MySpace) to run on Windows Mobile device?

    What are the development tools that need to be installed and how to develop a sample?

    I need your answers please.

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