Deep Discounts on Microsoft Expression until January 31

When I joined Microsoft, I was a Visual Studio user having spent my career developing, designing, and crafting software.  I could build a Windows forms application very quickly – and it had a beautiful gray background with buttons arranged in a boring grid layout.  Then, as I started working with Microsoft Expression Blend and Expression Design, my world opened up; I realized that the grid world of interaction design was no longer necessary.  Microsoft had finally created some tools that got me using the design skills I learned in architecture school to craft beauty using Expression Blend:ballwatch and my Twitter background using Expression Design Background and start encoding videos with Expression Encoder

All of this is possible because of the Expression Studio suite of applications: Expression Design, Expression Blend, Expression Web, Expression Media, and Expression Encoder. 

Now, until January 31, the Microsoft Store has a 50% off sale on Expression Studio, Expression Blend, and Expression Web.  Buy your copy today.

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