Windows 7 Tip: Creating A Help Toolbar

When I used to run Windows Vista, I had some commonly used CHM help files as links in my task bar.  Now in Windows 7 you can’t put CHM files into the Task bar but I found a better solution: create a Help Toolbar for all of the compiled help files that you use.  Here…


Maximum.TV Launches Spanish Language Silverlight TV Site

Maximum TV just launched an amazing Silverlight site for US-based Spanish language speakers as their prime audience.  This is an amazing ad-supported experience that uses IIS Smooth Streaming.  One thing that I really like is the live video wall that they created that uses mouse over to determine which audio to play back.  In the…


30% off Expression Web 3 and Expression Studio 3

I just wanted to pass on this limited-time deal on Expression Web and Expression Studio that’s good through January 8.  For web developers that want to preview their designs with IE6, IE7, IE8 and Firefox, both of these packages include SuperPreview. Expression Studio 3 – 30% off sale Expression Web 3 – 30% off sale…


The MySpace Developer Challenge and BizSpark

MySpace is putting some serious cash ($50,000) behind a new developer challenge announced on their developer website.  They are challenging developers to create the next great applications on the MySpace Developer Platform.  Of course, I’ve been experimenting with the platform with Silverlight (see the Silverlight Kit for MySpace) and I’m excited to see some new…


Ribbit SPAWN Event – Nov 5, 2009 in San Francisco

Ribbit, a Microsoft Partner and division of British Telecom has been working with my team on some exciting technology integrations and is ready to show them off: Please join us in San Francisco November 5, 2009 for an invitation only deep dive into Ribbit’s open telephony APIs — and a Sneak Peek at the unreleased…


MySpace Qizmt, a .NET MapReduce Framework

When I went to MySpace to interview Erik and Akash about their usage of the CCR, I was also able to interview Mikhael Berlyant and Daniel Rule talking about Qizmt, their new open source .NET MapReduce framework. 


Robots at MySpace!

Got your attention? Not exactly robots, but software architects at MySpace have figured out a very cleaver use for the Coordination and Concurrency Runtime (CCR) that was originally released as part of the Robotic Developer Studio.  Take a look at this interview that I just did with Erik Nelson and Akash Patel at MySpace to…


Silverlight Track at Silicon Valley Code Camp Oct 3-4, 2009

So now you’re ready to learn Silverlight – you’ve seen the demos of Deep Zoom, Smooth Streaming, PhotoSynth and Business Applications, and have been awed by the dynamic prototyping capabilities of SketchFlow in Expression Blend.  There is a great opportunity to do just that at the Silicon Valley Code Camp from October 3-4 2009.  Here…


Silverlight and Web Analytics – the Next Generation

  Ever since I wrote about Silverlight and Web Analytics (and PDF here) with Silverlight 1, I have been meaning to update the document and guidance for Silverlight 2 and now Silverlight 3.  There are some new features in Silverlight 3 and Expression Blend 3 that really make a compelling case for taking a fresh…


Let’s Talk about Web Analytics in San Francisco!

Join me September 9-11, 2009 in San Francisco for the XChange Conference on Web Analytics!  At the conference being held at the St. Regis, I will be leading two discussions (see descriptions here): Measuring RIA Applications: What, How, and Why? Standardizing Protocols for Measuring Offline and Out-of-Browser Experiences Much of my interest in Web Analytics…