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It seems like there’s real interest in freelance designers who are proficient in Silverlight and Expression Blend.  In the past week, two of my customers came to me asking where to find freelance resources.  I just posted one such opening for a partner here on my blog and created a feed URL that you can subscribe to:

If you have any freelance jobs for designers proficient in Silverlight and Expression Blend, contact me with your job posting and I’ll add it to the feed.  Include the following data:

  • Job description
  • Dates needed
  • on-site, remote, or both
  • Contact information
Comments (3)

  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In this issue: Martin Mihaylov, Tim Heuer, Katrien De Graeve, Expression

  2. Great idea. I am looking for a Silverlight job.

  3. yup cool tx

    WPF  Silverlight  Microsoft Expression Blend Designer

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