Los Angeles-Based Freelance Silverlight Designer Needed

A partner of mine, eblizz in Los Angeles is working on a new Silverlight-based site and needs a freelance designer fluent in Silverlight and Expression Blend:

We need an experienced Silverlight designer for freelance work in December and maybe January. He/she is responsible for the visual design and interactive design of a Silverlight-only site including animations.
An ideal candidate is LA based and understands Expression Blend. He/she will deliver XAML files that will be integrated into a content management system. Programming skills are not required.

eblizz is an interactive online platform that allows anyone to package and syndicate dynamic multimedia content anywhere on the web.   eblizz can be used to create powerful and visually-stunning social networks around brands, which in turn can be syndicated into existing online communities. 

eblizz utilizes Microsoft’s Silverlight 2 technology, which enables drag-and drop import and mash-up of multiple forms of content, including text, images, animations, video, and music, as well as the creation of  highly customizable web experiences for brands and publishers.  The results are user-driven, immersive brand experiences that can be used to grow audiences virally. 

If this sounds interesting to you, please email jobs@eblizz.com

Comments (4)

  1. It seems like there’s real interest in freelance designers who are proficient in Silverlight and Expression

  2. Emil Soychev says:

    In our site we have a special section for announcing free job places. If you are interested in inscribing your offer there please visit : http://www.silverlightshow.net/Jobs.aspx

  3. MisterFantastic says:


    Will you providing the opportunity for the Indian Developer ?


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