How to Teach Yourself Expression Blend

So you’re an interactive designer or developer and you have been hearing about Silverlight.  Now you want to teach yourself how to use the design tool for creating Silverlight applications, Expression Blend.  Where do you go? (subscribe here) We are working to consolidate these into a single resource so you won’t have…


Silverlight Jobs Feed

It seems like there’s real interest in freelance designers who are proficient in Silverlight and Expression Blend.  In the past week, two of my customers came to me asking where to find freelance resources.  I just posted one such opening for a partner here on my blog and created a feed URL that you can…


Los Angeles-Based Freelance Silverlight Designer Needed

A partner of mine, eblizz in Los Angeles is working on a new Silverlight-based site and needs a freelance designer fluent in Silverlight and Expression Blend: We need an experienced Silverlight designer for freelance work in December and maybe January. He/she is responsible for the visual design and interactive design of a Silverlight-only site including…


Help Us Understand Cloud Computing

Tell Us What You Think About Cloud Computing – Do you have something to say about Cloud Computing? Click here, tell us more, and make your opinion count!


Obama Newspaper Headlines

Take 627 newspaper front pages and arrange them in a way that they can be browsed easily.  That’s what Scott Hanselman and Scott Stanfield just did with yesterday’s newspapers at  This uses the same Deep Zoom technology in Microsoft Silverlight that Vertigo used to show off the Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia Collection.





Media at My House

Being a parent in this brave new world of media can be a challenge.  I have two boys, Alex (6) and Sam (3), who are growing up in a time and place where their worlds are bathed in media.  As a parent, the challenge is to determine what’s appropriate and what’s not.  I wanted to…