Silverlight and WPF Workshop in NYC 9/3/2008

Next week I will be in New York City meeting customers and I will be holding a free half-day mini-workshop  at the Microsoft office on 6th Avenue to teach people about building Silverlight and WPF applications with Expression Studio and Visual Studio.  I've put together an ambitious agenda but I hope to hit each of these topics with examples and demonstrations using both Expression Studio and Visual Studio.  Since I work with Media and Communications companies, there will be a slight bent towards scenarios involving online publishing and media:

  • Overview of Silverlight & WPF
  • Designer developer workflow using XAML
  • Using Expression Studio to craft Silverlight and WPF User Experiences
  • Styling and Skinning
  • Data Binding
  • Using Visual Studio to hook up Silverlight on the front end to services & Windows Live on the back end and in the cloud
  • IE8 and Silverlight
  • Web Analytics and SEO for Silverlight

If you're a designer or a developer or somewhere in between and this looks like something that you're interested in, please contact me ASAP (include your name, email, company, and role) because I still have some space available.  Here are the logistics:

What: Silverlight and WPF
Where: Microsoft, 6th Floor,
1290 6th Avenue @ 52nd Street
New York, NY
When: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
How: Bring a Notebook computer, I'll supply the coffee.
Why: You want to learn how to get started (or get better acquainted with) WPF and Silverlight


For those wanting a full-day Silverlight 2 workshop in New York City as well, take a look the Silverlight Fire Starter on September 13 (Saturday).

Comments (5)

  1. My teammate Michael Scherotter, aka Synergist, is holding a free half-day Silverlight and WPF Workshop

  2. My colleague, Michael Scherotter, who is one of the premier Silverlight experts at Microsoft, will be

  3. Silverlight and WPF Workshop in NYC 9/3/2008 Overview of Silverlight & WPF Designer developer…

  4. Just attended the workshop and it was a really impressive intro to Silverlight.  Michael S. Scherotter has written some very fine apps using Silverlight and it was very effective the way he used his code to demo features. If you can go to one of these go.

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