How I Discovered Port O’Brien’s Five and Dime

  1. I participated in a panel discussion at the Bandwidth conference in San Francisco where I met Chuck Fishman from Cisco.
  2. We were talking about discovering music, and Chuck told me about the Hype Machine.
  3. I went to the Hype Machine and saw a link for  Five and Dime by Port O'Brien.  I've never heard of Port O'Brien
  4. I listened to the song online, liked it and followed the post to this article.  There was a MP3 download of the song which I downloaded - now it's on my Zune:

Comments (4)

  1. Michael, I’m glad you used the Hype Machine to discover music.

    I should say though that I hope bloggers follow the appropriate methods of acquiring content for posting, which should be done with the expressed permission of the artist or label, no matter the industry size of either.

    What I do find however is, that the artists and labels are directly servicing the blogosphere with legal promotional content for posting.

    This is great for us – it means more new music we can discover. And if the promotional people put proper metadata on their mp3s, etc, then they can see the new fans as they play their content through platforms like iLike and

    There’s a great blog called You can follow it via the Hype Machine, or even twitter ( I’ve discovered a ton of new music through that blog, and all of the content on RCRDLBL is acquired directly from the artists and the labels.

  2. Synergist says:


    An interestinging follow-up:

    I just had lunch with my cousin who is a student at Arizona State University.  I asked him how he discovers new music.  He said that he hears from friends and a site called HypeMachine.  I think we’re onto something.


  3. klevereblog says:

    I think the social networking aspects of music is highly underestimated.  I think Zune Social is going in the right direction.  It’s cool that we can discover new music amongst our peers on the "Social".  The notion of blogs or even newsgroups have always been ways to discover new music (for better or for worse).  It would be cool if the Zune or Itunes had a ‘Blog This’ button so that you could share good music with people that are not apart of your social or that do not have a Zune or Ipod.

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