Created Popfly Block for FeedBurner Awareness API

Since I created my first mashup with Popfly over a year ago, it has really come a long way.  Now it is really easy to create your own blocks and share your mashup creations.  For those of use who have blogs, the RSS feed is a way of life - it is a way to let our readers digest our content on their own time, from their own devices and systems.  I just created a very simple block in Popfly that lets anyone with a FeedBurner feed graph the historical data that is complied by FeedBurner.  To see what I mean by this, I created a mashup of using the block and the Silverlight Bar Graph block to see my blog subscribers numbers on a daily basis over the last 16 days.  If you want to do this for your feed and have a subscriber graph on your blog (see the right column of my blog), you will need to do this:

  1. Enable external data access in the FeedBurner admin console (Publicize...Awareness API)
  2. Go to my Popfly mashup Synergist Subscribers and click on the Tweak This button. 
  3. Once in the Mashup Editor, you can then change the uri of the FeedBurner feed to your own.
  4. Alternatively, you could just startup the mashup editor and add the FeedBurner Awareness Block and start hooking it up to other blocks.

Have fun and tell me if you use this.  If you like the mashup or the block, please give your feedback in Popfly

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