My Wife, the Blogger

Our lives are full of wonder.  Over the past 6 years, my wife has been focused on creating a home and raising our two boys, Alex and Sam and doing so she has delighted in seeing that wonder.  After experiencing one too many incidents where she said "I've got to write this down," she decided that she should start a blog.  Once she picked out a domain name that wasn't taken, she asked me for help in setting it up.  Here's what I did:

  1. Got a $7.95/month ASP.Net shared hosting plan from CrystalTech web hosting.  I am using CrystalTech for, my development testing host and I visited CrystalTech's data center earlier this year so I was confident that they were good.  As part of the registration process, I registered her domain,
  2. Two days later, the domain was active and I could start setting up the site.
  3. I downloaded Telligent's GraffitiCMS blog software.  This came highly recommended from colleagues and I had used Community Server (also a Telligent product) on the Mindjet Labs
  4. After changing the admin password, I uploaded the GraffitiCMS software onto the server, changed permissions, and it was live.
  5. I helped her configure it, adding analytics, ads, and FeedBurner.
  6. I then introduced her to Windows Live Writer which works beautifully with GraffitiCMS and she started writing her posts.

It is so easy to set up a blog now - take a look at her site:


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  1. Synergist says:

    I’ve had the domain since 1995 – it has been my personal web presence for my entire career. 

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