Free Expression Blend 2.5 and Silverlight 2 Training for Designers May 20 & 21 in San Francisco

I know it's short notice, but next week I am running a 2-day training on Expression Blend 2.5 and Silverlight 2 in San Francisco for Interactive Designers.  I have a few openings left so if you are interested in coming May 20 and 21 to the Microsoft Office in San Francisco, please contact me ASAP including your name, email, company, your role, and phone number.  The content that I will be presenting is a work-in-progress and as the intended audience is interactive designers or "devigners" (developer/designers), not developers, I hope to learn as much from the audience as they hope to learn from me.

Here's what I plan to cover:


If someone wants to come to just watch, I have a digital video camera and would love it to be recorded - that would be a great help.

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  1. Michael,

       Looks like a great event.  I’d love to to camera duty but unfortunately I’ll be up in Seattle next week.  Good luck and keep me posted on the next one.


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