SnapStream Enterprise – Recording and Searching TV

If you have ever heard of Beyond TV and thought that it might be a great product for the enterprise, you're in luck because SnapStream, the creators of Beyond TV just released SnapStream Enterprise for recording and searching TV.  One of my media customers introduced me to Rakesh Agrawal, the CEO of SnapStream at the NAB convention earlier this month and turned me on to the product.  You plug in the device (which actually runs Windows XP) into up to 10 cable inputs and it starts recording and indexing the TV feeds using the closed caption stream. 

When I saw the device working, I immediately saw the usefulness for media companies, PR firms, political campaigns, or government agencies.  I saw that if connected to SharePoint via a Business Data Catalog it could be an incredibly powerful combination.  If Basically you could search the TV archives directly from SharePoint if a Business Data Catalog were created for the SnapStream Enterprise server.  When I explained the scenario to Rakesh he was very interested but wanted to know what the interest in the SharePoint enterprise community was so I asked if I could write about it in this blog.  So here's the question:

Would the existence of a Business Data Connector for SharePoint make you more likely to purchase a SnapStream Enterprise appliance?

Put your answer in the comments of this post or contact SnapStream directly.

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