Billy Bragg Has a Point

I read Billy Bragg's editorial in the New York Times about how musicians make money in the age of the Internet.  I first heard Billy Bragg twenty years ago perform live in Northampton, Massachusetts when I was a high school student attending Deerfield Academy and I've loved his music for years.  Coming back from South by Southwest his editorial seems much more relevant for me.  Where it clicked for me was when I felt the electricity in the room when Ice Cube and DJ Pooh were explaining their concept for at South by Southwest.  They want to provide a non-exclusive platform on the web for anyone who has something to say:  musicians, artists, politicians, film makers.  One of the business models for the site is ad revenue - and they want to share that revenue with artists.  Other sites take notice.  And they don't want exclusive rights - just great content.

When Ice Cube and DJ Pooh were talking,  there was true excitement in the room.  I was so proud to be a part of this project, just knowing that our technology, Silverlight, is enabling their site.  The people in the audience, including many independent were genuinely enthusiastic.  Keep an eye on this one.

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