Adapted Page Turn Sample for my Journals

With a little work, I turned the Page Turn Sample in the gallery into a viewer for my Journals.  You can get to the page turner for the journal by clicking on the journal picture from my new Journalist podcast page.  I've also added a few features.


  1. I changed it to use my images (this was actually the easiest step)
  2. I changed the application to uniformly scale to the size of the browser window
  3. I added a page query parameter so that you can link to a specific page using the page number:
  4. I added web analytics to the app so that pages views are actually recorded as events in the web analytics service I am using.  I'll be talking about this at Mix next month in my session on Silverlight and Web Analytics.

You can download the source code here for my page turner adaptation.  I've also submitted it to the gallery.

Comments (10)

  1. With a little work, I turned the Page Turn Sample in the gallery into a viewer for my

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  3. Scott Barnes says:

    VERY SWEET .. you’re a freak Michael and that’s why we value you 😉


  4. Sblancher says:

    Is it possible to use such effect for an application?

    I have to implement a SW with severals screens organized like an assistant (next, previous) and it will be great if the user could change page with a such effect.

  5. Synergist says:

    It definitely is possible to do so.  

  6. Sblancher says:


    Could you tell me more?

    You can contact me via email:

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  7. artsrajesh says:

    Michael, thanks for this great sample…

    like to know how to control on page number.. i have number of pages.. not getting from where i can increase the number o pages.

    looking for your reply

  8. Synergist says:

    In the CreateSilverlight.js file the PageTurn constructor takes the number of pages as its argument, in this case 24 pages:

    function createSilverlight()


       scene = new PageTurn(24);


  9. artsrajesh says:

    one more doubt… when i m running this application through visual studio by build up process its working fine.

    same, when i m trying to run this standalone .. means from folder .. its not working.

  10. Dale says:


    How about changing the page layout to landscape???

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