Creating a Video Podcast for the Zune Marketplace

I love keeping journals.  Until recently it has been a totally analog media (I've added photos from my digital camera and Epson PictureMate printer).  I have used watercolor, collage, writing, sketching to fill up journals over the past 16 years and have always wanted to find better ways to share my techniques and collection of journals.  Now that I have a Zune and can set up podcasts to subscribe to, I decided to try creating my own video podcast where I describe the techniques that I use to keep journals.  Here's what I did:

  1. I recorded the first two episodes of my podcast using my JVC Everio GZ-HD7U
  2. I used Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum to edit and add titles to the video.
  3. I followed the instructions here to create a profile for Sony Vegas suitable for the Zune Podcast Marketplace.
  4. I created a simple Silverlight application that will serve as the homepage for it.
  5. I used Expression Design to create a 200 x 200 image for the Podcast album art:
  6. I created an RSS file and used FeedBurner to jazz it up: subscribe here.
  7. I uploaded the application, videos, RSS file, and album art image to my domain that I've had for years (yes it's PHP but Silverlight works just fine on PHP as well):
  8. At the upcoming Mix conference in Las Vegas, I will be leading a panel discussion on Silverlight and Web Analytics and showing how to integrate Silverlight with the upcoming AdCenter Analytics (Gatineau) so I decided to add analytics to the site as well.
  9. I submitted the Podcast URL to the Zune Marketplace:
  10. I added the URL for the podcast ( to my collection (it takes some time for the podcast to be approved and added to the Zune Marketplace).
  11. If you are interested in following the series, you should subscribe to it either in the Zune Marketplace or in your favorite feed reader
    Journalist website


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  1. I love keeping journals . Until recently it has been a totally analog media (I've added photos from

  2. Jesse Liberty takes a few shots at answering some SL2.0 questions, at least with things he's At Liberty

  3. Your post makes me dream of a USB Moleskine that’ll go directly into OneNote.

  4. Joel says:


    I’m trying to submit a video podcast to the Zune marketplace but I am in the UK and cannot find any good instructions. I was wondering if you could email me on and we could discuss the matter. Thanks,


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