Just Finished a Silverlight and Expression Blend Workshop in Los Angeles

This week, I invited designers and developers in my Media and Entertainment accounts and creative agencies that work with them to a workshop in Los Angeles where they learned about Expression Blend and Silverlight.  It was a great mix of designers and developers and we had some real lively discussions.  I tried to make workshop that both inspired and educated the audience and I think that worked but I also realized that Expression Blend has a bit of a learning curve; once you learn it, you can do great things with it but getting up to speed can be challenging.  Here's how I personally learned Expression Blend and Silverlight:

  1. I created demonstrations that combined what I already knew and cared about with what I wanted to learn: Silverlight Ribbon and Silverlight Map: Office 2007 Fluent Ribbon in Silverlight
    A MindManager Map in Silverlight
  2. I watched all of the video tutorials on Expression Blend on the Microsoft Website.
  3. I looked at tutorials, demos, and sample code posted on Silverlight.net.
  4. Most importantly, I met with customers and partners to hear what they wanted to do.  For me, customers and partners and sometimes competitors give me my greatest inspiration and challenges - and that leads to the synergies that I uncover.

I'll be posting some video shortly of some of the participants in the workshop.

Comments (7)

  1. This week, I invited designers and developers in my Media and Entertainment accounts and creative agencies

  2. Rick Freeman says:

    This weeks seminar was very educational, I’ve got a broader understanding of the workflow between Expression Designer, Blend and Visual Studio ’08!

  3. Huch Platt says:


    Thank you for cracking the door and letting some Silverlight in!  I appreciated the macro and micro topics discussed and I look forward to learning more.  Thank you for the new-found-knowledge.

  4. I am interested in seeing the Silverlight Ribbon control you built, however it seems that http://xmldocs.net is down. Did Microsoft make you take it down? Or, is there somewhere else we can see it? Thanks!

  5. Synergist says:


    The site is back up. My domain registration lapsed and I just needed to renew it.


  6. dotnetmac says:

    Dear Michael,

    Where can i download the Ribbon source code

  7. dotnetmac says:

    Where can i get the source code for this please ?

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