Use your User Community to help with Online Community Policing

If you have been hosting a bulletin board or blog over the past few years, like me, you have probably run into the problem of people trying to hijack your forum as a place to put spam or other inappropriate material. I have been using PHPBB for years to host bulletin board forums on my personal website and have found that the most effective tool to keeping that type of crud off your site is to enlist some of your devoted (and trusted) participants to act as an administrator who can delete inappropriate content ASAP.  On my bulletin board, my most active forums are about building home playgrounds (the kind you buy at Costco and assemble yourself) and I found that a weekend installer started to answer everyone's questions and help out with the forum.  He did this to establish his reputation as a knowledgeable and helpful installer.  I found that he was on the site almost every day responding to almost every question with helpful answers.  After chatting with him about ground rules, I promoted him to a forum administrator and now he cleans up any spam before anyone sees it.  He even sent me a few bottles of wine because he got so much business from my forums.

Maybe Mindjet might want to do the same with their user forums since they have the passionate user base and the same forum software and it looks like the same problem.

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