Just Won a Zune!

image I just won a Green 8GB Zune!  There was an internal contest at Microsoft and one of the prizes was a Zune.  It's very cool!  I've created a profile on the Zune Social network; my tag is MS Synergist.  I've configured my profile so that anyone can see what I'm listening to. I got turned on to Nelly Furtado a few months ago by Lee at Universal Music Group and I love her music.  One of the podcasts that came with the Zune was from the This American Life radio show that I listen to on NPR.  It was a story entitled "Squirrel Cop" that I had heard before but I always loved listening to.  Hearing that, prompted me to go to the Podcasts section of the Zune Marketplace and subscribe to a few other podcasts like Real Time with Bill Mahr, NPR, Nova, and Scientific American.  A few years ago, I heard the radio drama of a play, the Accidental Death of an Anarchist, by Dario Fo.  It had me in laughing out-loud it was so funny. I would love to find that as an audio file to put on my Zune.  If anyone knows where I can find that, I'd love to hear.


What have you found in your music/podcast browsing that turned you on?  I have a feeling that I'll be hearing a lot more from Ice Cube in the upcoming months....

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  1. I just won a Green 8GB Zune! There was an internal contest at Microsoft and one of the prizes was a Zune

  2. Synergist says:

    I have been browsing through the Zune desktop software that I installed with my new Zune that I wanted

  3. Synergist says:

    Last year, when I interviewed for the job I have now at Microsoft, I had an initial tech screening with

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